Workshops & Seminars

Interested in having a Daughters of Isis collection presented to your center?  or group?  or store?  We have just the right fit for you~!

AFTERNOON PRESENTATIONS & SKYPE GROUPS:    To introduce any specific cultural collection, briefly (within a two to three hour period, including questions) we are happy to do this for no charge.   We are working to accommodate groups of folks online!  Skype offers us a unique capability in presenting free discussions and Q&A’s!  Please ask us about this!  We only offer the free presentations via Skype at this time. (due to the expense of travel!)  If you are interested in joining or setting up a group for presentation: brief introductions to the different collections of oils / flower essence formulas please contact the blender, Gwen, at 646.202.1889.

Full day workshops include:

Chakras 2012 oils from Daughters of Isis' Ancestor Aromachologie'

CHAKRAS 2012-The Holistic Self  WORKSHOP: The dynamics of our lower / primary chakra system is presented using our physical sensuality to correspond and focus a new understand while shifting your awareness of your chakra system.  Visualization techniques and healing modalities are explained and demonstrated using Daughters of Isis Chakras 2012 oils and Quantum Essences.  The upper chakras / connective filters of chi into our Lightbody system is presented using fragrant and vibrational tools!

  • Learn to awaken & connect with each of your lower Chakras (Earth – Alta 1-8)
  • Learn to ground to your Earth Mother via your Earth chakra for healing and meditative journeys
  • Practice chakra counter balancing visualizations using color infused Light
  • Begin to create an awareness of your total chakra system dynamic & to recognize subtle shifts in your energy field
  • Begin to effectively tap into the “planetary consciousness”
  • Understand & work with the 4 bodies of consciousness / your Lightbody – the 9th through 12th Chakras

The “Chakras 2012” day long workshop is $110 including a lunch / refreshment break.  We also offer the complete Chakras 2012 “kit” (including all 15 oils in the collection for a healer’s price of $135 (regular price is: $180.)  The full Quantum Essences collection of flower essence formulas is offered at the healer’s price of $75.  (regular price is: $90.)

CHAKRAS 2012 OIL collection:  Earth Chakra, Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, 8th or Alta Chakra, 9th Chakra, 10th Chakra, 11th Chakra, 12th Charka, Violet Dragon Oil and Serpent Fire – Kundalini Oil.

Quantum Essence Lightbody flower essence formulas: Nadis Lightways essence, Meridianal Points essence, Etheric (emotional body) Initiator essence, Astral Initiator essence, Mental Initiator essence, Causal Activator essence, Holonomic Interface essence (rescue remedy & combining essence), Crystalline Aligning essence (DNA work, etc) & Self Luminal meditation ally.


MY HOME & I – 3 DAY SEMINAR: This is a three day event presenting the holistic you in companionship with the holistic planet using tools of fragrance and vibrations!  A combination of our Sacred Sites collection of planetary chakra oils with our Chakras 2o12 collection of oils introduce the primary chakras of the self and the planet in harmony.  Healing the self and the Earth Mother!  Tapping into the planetary energies during this time to facilitate new conscious awareness (planetary consciousness) and to heal ourselves mutually with the planet is the focus of this seminar.  Introduction of both primary chakra systems and the subtle fields of energy infusing human / planetary bodies using Daughters of Isis oils and vibrational flower essence formulas.

  • Learn to align yourself with the planet through energetic connections for ceremonies & healing practices
  • Tap into planetary consciousness  & ascend into tapping into the Akashic Field of planetary histories & cosmic evolutions
  • Assist the evolution of the planet
  • Begin to shift your complete awareness into harmony with the living Gaia

Sacred Sites OilsPrayer Blend – Remembering the Sacred, Bimini Oil – Primary / healing water resources / dowsing,  Stonehenge Oil – calendrical / astronomical observational / resonating turning forks to planetary – stellar connections / standing stones / megalithic sites, Bali Hai Oil – concept of Heaven / Land & Sky connection, Kalahari Oil – Template of Seeding – Base Chakra vortex, Machu Picchu Oil – Template of Rebirthing / Sacral Chakra vortex, Haleakala Oil – Template of Purifying / Solar Plexus Chakra vortex, Glastonbury Oil – Template of Gateways / Heart Chakra vortex, Delphi Oil – Template of Expressions / Throat Chakra vortex,  Canyon de Chelly Oil – Template of Visions & Dreaming / 3rd Eye Chakra vortex, Giza Oil – Template of Expanding Consciousness / Crown Chakra vortex – access to planet, Mt. Meru Oil – Template of Transcension / upper chakra vortex – cosmic gateway and Mt. Shasta Oil – Planetary soul / intimate connections with core-heart of the planet.

Nature Mother Oil: cleansing & clearing / connections to the devas.

Green Man Oil: fragrant passport to nature surrounding you!

We have combined the Feng Shui Essences of Balance to vibrationally compliment the Sacred Sties oils.

Feng Shui Essences of Balance: Kuan Yin Essence, Dragon Veins Essence, Sweeping Karma Essence, Palace Center Essence, Wood Essence, Fire Essence, Earth Essence, Metal Essence and Water Essence.

Both collections are offered in the seminar for the healers’ pricing of $10ea of oils and $9ea for essences.




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